For a little over a year now, engineers at Anchore have been working alongside our friends at Red Hat on an important mission: helping the United States Department of Defense reinvent the way they consume, build, and deploy software.

The DoD, just like any major organization, builds and ships a lot of software. This software runs on all kinds of devices, from everyday smartphones to extremely specialized equipment. They have teams of developers working to maintain it all, supported by a network of vendors, consultants, and contractors. There is constant pressure to keep the pace of innovation up. But here’s where the similarities with typical organizations end: when a breach occurs, they stand to lose a whole lot more than just a customer. The DoD’s software ensures the success of critical missions, and that can mean life or death.

The answer lies in DevSecOps: the integration of security best practices into a fast-moving development process, using policy-driven automation to create a high level of confidence.

Our teams worked with the DoD to implement a flexible, container-based platform for software delivery powered by Red Hat OpenShift and Anchore Enterprise. With this platform, the DoD can maintain a streamlined, zero-trust security and compliance posture while releasing new software as frequently as mission conditions require.

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