The latest version of the DoD Container Image and Deployment Guide details technical and security requirements for container image creation and deployment within a DoD production environment. Sections 2 and 3 of the guide include security practices that teams must follow to limit the footprint of security flaws during the container image build process. These sections also discuss best security practices and correlate them to the corresponding security control family with Risk Management Framework (RMF) commonly used by cybersecurity teams across DoD.

Anchore Federal is a container scanning solution used to validate the DoD compliance and security standards, such as continuous authorization to operate (cATO), across images, as explained in the DoD Container Hardening Process Guide. Anchore’s policy first approach places policy where it belongs-- at the forefront of the development lifecycle to assess compliance and security issues in a shift left approach. Scanning policies within Anchore are fully customizable based on specific mission needs, providing more in-depth insight into compliance irregularities that may exist within a container image. This level of granularity is achieved through specific security gates and triggers that generate automated alerts. This allows teams to validate that the best practices discussed in Section 2 of the Container Image Deployment Guide enable best practices to be enforced as your developers build.  

Anchore Federal uses a specific DoD Scanning Policy that enforces a wide array of gates and triggers that provide insight into the DoD Container Image and Deployment Guide’s security practices. For example, you can configure the Dockerfile gate and its corresponding triggers to monitor for security issues such as privileged access. You can also configure the Dockerfile gate to expose unauthorized ports and validate images built from approved base images and check for the unauthorized disclosure of secrets/sensitive files, amongst others.

Anchor Federal’s DoD scanning policy is already enabled to validate the detailed list of best practices in Section 2 of the Container Image and Deployment Guide. 

Looking to learn more about how to achieve container hardening at DoD levels of security? One of the most popular technology shortcuts is to utilize a DoD software factory. Anchore has been helping organizations and agencies put the Sec in DevSecOps by securing traditional software factories, transforming them into DoD software factories.

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