Our friends at ContainerJournal and Devops.com are running a survey to learn how you are using containers today and your plans for the future.

We've seen a number of surveys over the last couple of years and heard some incredible statistics on the growth of Docker usage and of containers in general, for example, we learned last week that DockerHub had reached over 5 billion pulls. The ContainerJournal survey digs deeper to uncover details about the whole stack that users are running.

For example, who do you get your container runtime from, where do you store your images, how do you handle orchestration?

Some of the questions are especially interesting to the team here at Anchore as they cover how you create and maintain the images that you use. For example, do you pull application images straight from Docker Hub, do you just pull base operating system images and add your own application layers, or perhaps you build your own operating system images from scratch?

And no matter how you initially obtain your image how do you ensure that it contains the right content starting from the lowest layer of the image with the operating system all the way up to the application tier. While it’s easy to build and pull images, the maintenance of those images is another matter, eg. how often are those images updated?

Please head over to ContainerJournal and fill out the survey by clicking the button below.