A Free Resource: Shifting Security Left, A Real World Guide To DevSecOps

Taking your team from DevOps to a DevSecOps approach brings different functions together to achieve better business outcomes, as well as reduce workload fatigue. Alignment across developer, security and operations disciplines depends more on implementing a culture of collaboration that embraces the talent and skillsets of all team members and less on introducing new technologies.

In this new 24-page white paper, organizations will get real-world guidance and information to improve their current team structure by shifting security left to support a DevSecOps model. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build an effective and collaborative shift left strategy, while achieving significant advantages across developer, security and operation teams.
  • Recognize team strengths and core skillsets to enable focus, encourage domain expertise and minimize overall interruptions.
  • Strengthen security strategy adoption to improve productivity, increase effective collaboration and overcome common challenges.

An exploration of the history of shift left and how changing the development process from a layer placed on top of code to one that integrated in code is shared along with the recognized benefits afforded to organizations that adopt a DevSecOps approach. From planning and the software development cycle to automation and continuous integration, a pragmatic and comprehensive overview is provided to make more informed decisions before embarking on a DevSecOps journey.

As a working practice inspired by and promulgated by developers, DevSecOps is quickly becoming the next DevOps. There is a confluence of tooling, appetite and mindshare that is pushing security into the fray and DevSecOps is quickly becoming more prominent as a rapidly growing practice across organizations small and large.

Shifting security left has the capability to make developers allies

of security, giving them the information they need as early as

possible within the development feedback loop, and allowing

them to identify issues early and rectify them before the code

leaves development.

This guide aims to empower organizations and their developers by delving into policy as code and establishing workflows that are able to deliver secure software faster and more efficiently.

To learn more about shifting security left and to access this DevSecOps blueprint, please visit Shifting Security Left, A Real Guide To DevSecOps and download for free.