Azure Government DC hosts webinar featuring Anchore on expert panel

Watch the Rise of DevSecOps in Gov Software Initiatives

On May 27th, Anchore had the privilege of participating in the virtual Microsoft Azure Government DC Meetup. The rise of DevSecOps in gov software initiatives was a fantastic event with a great spread of knowledge. There were demos such as deploying OpenStack onto secure infrastructure and implementing DevSecOps at full speed.

I gave a demo showcasing Anchore integrated into Azure DevOps in a daily developers life cycle for full speed security. Utilizing a custom Anchore integration, I showcased how to quickly and easily detect security defects in containers before they are deployed. Also, I shared some common best practices and showed how Anchore can enforce them.

The event also featured a panel discussion about DevSecOps in the government sector, consisting of experienced individuals from F35 Joint Strike Fighter Program, NIST, and Azure Gov. Check out the full playlist here!