Secure Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline


Deploy Containers with Confidence

Your development team faces constant pressure to deliver new features. But as breaches within the software supply chain continue to rise, it’s never been more important to move to DevSecOps. The integration between GitLab and Anchore makes it easy to shift security left — avoiding delays when security issues are found too late, shortening remediation time , and keeping the focus on rapid development.

Continuous Security Across the Software Delivery Lifecycle


Deliver Software Rapidly

Organizations rely on the DevOps power of GitLab’s source code management and CI/CD capabilities to deliver software rapidly. Anchore speeds DevSecOps processes by integrating continuous security and compliance checks into the DevOps toolchain.


Secure the Supply Chain

Anchore embeds the automated security checks into GitLab, making a developer’s life easier and accelerating remediation. The easy-to-use security tools and out-of-the-box policy enforcement unites development and security teams, ensuring critical steps are not bypassed.


Gain Visibility Into Risk

Combining GitLab with Anchore provides you with easy access to your security issues, automatically populated within your GitLab interface. The GitLab Risk Management Framework (RMF) reduces the friction of typical software security scanning.

DevSecOps in the Public Sector

Increased high-profile breaches make compliance even more important. Learn how to secure your SDLC and meet DoD C-ATO or FedRAMP compliance standards without compromising time to market. Watch our webinar to learn how.

Anchore + GitLab

Combining GitLab and Anchore provides a seamless management of your risk profile - enabling true DevSecOps - all in one place

See how easy it can be to enable Anchore vulnerability scanning and view your results in GitLab CI.

Ready to Secure Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline?