MarketWired - December 6, 2016 -- Anchore, Inc. announced today that it has joined the Open Container Initiative (OCI), an open source Collaborative Project hosted by the Linux Foundation for creating open industry standards around container formats and runtime.

With Anchore, software developers, operations and security teams are on the same page from the start, with unparalleled visibility into their containers and the chain of custody at every stage of the development lifecycle. Anchore democratizes certification by giving users the data and tools required to define policies that cover both the provenance and contents of their containers, ensuring that only images that meet the strict requirements of their organization are deployed.

Anchore’s governance and policy controls go further than traditional image scanning solutions which focus on simple operating system CVE scanning. Anchore delivers complete visibility and control. With Anchore, policies can cover all aspects of an image including operating system packages, configuration files, user-supplied binaries, third-party software libraries from public repositories including Node.JS modules, Ruby GEMs, Python modules and Java archives.

The OCI was launched in mid-2015 to develop standards for container formats and runtimes that will give organizations the confidence to commit to container technologies guided by choosing the best tools for the applications they are creating. without vendor lock-in. Anchore will add support for the upcoming OCI Image specification to allow users to run certification tests against OCI format images in addition to Docker images.

“We are very excited to join the OCI to help further the development of open industry standards for container formats and runtimes that encourage innovation,” said Saïd Ziouani, chief executive officer and founder of Anchore. “Formalized specifications ensure that the containers our customers have certified using Anchore’s tools are interoperable and compatible across multiple platforms and container runtimes.”

“We are pleased to welcome Anchore to the Open Container Initiative,” said Chris Aniszczyk, executive director of the Open Container Initiative. “Having visibility and control in container deployments is extremely important, and their expertise in certification and security for containers will be instrumental in furthering open industry standards.”

To learn more about the Open Container Initiative and how to join the community, visit here. Details on projects associated with the Open Container Initiative can be found here.