Since Anchore’s inception, healthcare has been a central tenet for CEO Saïd Ziouani. “We want everyone at Anchore to focus on creating and being a part of something really special here. Employees should not have to worry that their physical and mental health is not being taken care of. It is, and will always be, a priority for us.”

In this Mission: Impact health profile, we sat down with Shannon Goulding to hear about her wellness journey with Anchore’s benefits program.

“Last year I joined Anchore and upon enrolling in benefits, was blown away at the number of plans that were fully covered by the employer - my experience of the industry standard is that the lowest HDHP-type plans were the only ones covered at 100%. While I consider myself a generally healthy person, I enrolled in a low-deductible PPO at ZERO extra cost to me, so I buckled down and got serious about using my insurance. I saw all the specialists that I had been putting off for years due to cost, and for lack of a better phrase, got my act together!

Thanks to having comprehensive insurance from my employer, I now can afford the things that I have realized are a necessity as I advance in a challenging career in talent acquisition at a startup, during a totally unprecedented season of life. As a result I now wear glasses, resulting in fewer headaches. Plus I have easy and affordable access to tools that are helping me keep my mental health in check.

It's a win-win for me AND for Anchore because when I'm happier and healthier, I'm a much better recruiter!”