Advancing Software Security with Technical Innovation

As we explore the various roles and responsibilities at Anchore, one of the critical areas is building the roadmap for our enterprise product.  Anchore Enterprise is a continuous security and compliance platform for cloud-native applications. Our technology helps secure the software development process and is in use by enterprises like NVIDIA and eBay as well as government agencies like the U.S. Air Force and Space Force. 

As news of software supply chain breaches continue to make headlines and impact software builds across industries, the team at Anchore works each day to innovate and refine new technology to support secure and compliant software builds. 

With this, Anchore is thrilled to announce an opening for the role of Principal Product Manager. Our Vice President of Product, Neil Levine, weighs in on what he sees as key elements to this role:  

“Product managers are lucky in that we get to work with almost every part of an organization and are able to use both our commercial and technical skills. In larger organizations, a role like this often gets more proscribed and the ability to exercise a variety of functions is limited. Anchore is a great opportunity for any PM who wants to enjoy roaming across a diverse range of projects and teams. In addition to that, you get to work in one of the most important and relevant parts of the cybersecurity market that is addressing literal front-page news.”

Are you passionate about security, cloud infrastructure or open-source markets? Then apply for this role on our job board.

A Custom Approach to Software Security Solutions

We’re hiring a Product Marketing Manager! In this week’s Be Yourself, With Us, SVP of Marketing Kim Weins shares the exciting opportunities within the role. 

Product marketing at a startup like Anchore provides a lot of room to leave your stamp, since our product is evolving quickly based on problems our customers need to solve,” said Kim. 

Anchore’s customer base ranges from large enterprises like NVIDIA and eBay to government agencies like the U.S. Space Force and the U.S. Air Force. Being nimble to create custom solutions is critical for our expanding software security products.

“On top of that, we’re in a rapidly growing industry with a solution at the nexus of cloud, containers and security. There’s immense potential for what Anchore can provide for customers and the Product Marketing Manager is going to have a huge impact on how these solutions are communicated to the rest of the industry,” she continued.

Are you passionate about the future of software security and curious about the next innovation that will help secure data and prevent cyberattacks? Then consider joining our marketing team. Visit this link to apply.

Behind the Scenes of Startup Team Strategies

Building products in an emerging tech space requires a highly collaborative and creative Engineering team. We sat down with Chief Architect & Director of Engineering Zach Hill (he/him) to understand more about creating an environment of psychological safety and operating with a growth mindset.

“At a high level, psychological safety is about fostering an environment where people feel comfortable saying ‘I don’t know’ – because it’s safe to do so and we’ll figure it out together. We’re a fast-paced startup with high-tech products in a fairly emerging industry, and that means much of what we are working on is developing as we go and we are all learning and growing together.”

Anchore’s values of kindness, openness, and ownership play an integral role in the Engineering team culture. 

“You can see it in our Slack channels. You can see it in the way people on the team interact with one another and with their managers. We have a highly collaborative team that’s open to asking for help and being mentors to one another.  It’s an exciting time to be an Engineer at Anchore.” 

If you are interested in joining Zach’s team and working at a company that values kindness, ownership and openness, we’re hiring across our Engineering organization.

Blending Passion and Performance to Advance Innovation

As we explore the various roles and responsibilities at Anchore, one critical area is maintaining our interactions with the open source community. Anchore’s roots are deep in open source, and this area remains vital to our organization today. As a company we may expand our offerings, but the technology feedback and engagement we receive from our users in the community drives and inspires our team.

As we continually innovate and cultivate the newest technologies for secure and compliant software development, Anchore is thrilled to be hiring a Developer Advocate for our open source tools.


Our Vice President of Product, Neil Levine, weighed in on what he sees as the key elements to this role:

“Hiring a developer advocate is critical for Anchore as we look to grow adoption of our open source tools and evangelize the benefits of DevSecOps practices. We make our tools open source to reduce friction and encourage conversation with the developer community. This role is the essential glue between those users and the Anchore engineering team, so we can ensure that we are advancing state-of-the-art concepts when it comes to developing secure software. This role will help not just Anchore, but the broader software community.”

Are you passionate about DevSecOps and open source projects? Then apply for this role on our job board.


We’re debuting our Anchorenaut logo

As we continue our culture-first series, this Friday we’re debuting our Anchorenaut logo (pronouns they/them).

By definition, an Anchorenaut is someone that embodies our company values and what being an Anchore employee encompasses: kindness, openness and ownership. We have a strong-knit team here, even though we’re dispersed geographically across the globe. This character serves as a symbol of how together, we’re real people uniting every day to advance software security.

Does this resonate with you? See our open roles here: