New integration of open source tool Grype with GitLab 14 provides deep container inspection to aid in securing the software supply chain

Santa Barbara, Calif - August 2, 2021 - Anchore today announced that its open source Grype vulnerability scanner tool is now available in GitLab 14’s container scanning feature. Grype, leveraging Syft libraries, performs a deep inspection of container image contents to create an accurate software bill-of-materials (SBOM) and then produces high-fidelity vulnerability data that can be used to harden the software. This data can be used natively within GitLab workflows and interfaces.

The focus of the GitLab 14 release is to deliver a modern DevOps platform with increased velocity, trust and visibility. The integration of Grype enables security-minded engineers and developers to investigate and remediate vulnerability findings with analysis of the software package.

“We are excited to embed these robust container scanning features of Grype within GitLab’s complete DevOps platform. Our built-in security enables DevOps velocity with confidence and these added features from Anchore bring even greater security for cloud native applications,” said Sam White, Senior Product Manager at GitLab. 

“Grype was selected for this integration based on its ease of use and accuracy of results. This is especially important as we see increased demand from software developers and engineers to protect against rising software supply chain attacks by embedding security early in the development process,” said Neil Levine, Vice President of Product at Anchore. “Organizations who want to gain end-to-end visibility and control over container security can use Grype and Syft in conjunction with Anchore Enterprise.”    

Grype provides the transparency and detail necessary to investigate why the image vulnerability is being reported. As part of the integration with GitLab 14, users gain valuable information about the vulnerabilities discovered in order to empower users to triage and remediate them with available patches. 

Get more information on how to get started with GitLab’s integration with Grype in this blog post

About Anchore

Anchore accelerates the development of secure and compliant cloud-native applications with solutions that enable software supply chain security, from vulnerability scans to generating a software bill of material. Anchore’s container security solutions seamlessly embed into the DevOps toolchain with continuous security and compliance checks early in the software development process. From sourcing to CI/CD pipelines to production, Anchore’s solutions protect the software supply chain and prevent container security risks from reaching production. Using Anchore as part of the DevSecOps toolchain creates a reliable way to detect issues earlier, save developers time and lower the cost to fix vulnerabilities. Built with an open source foundation, Anchore solutions provide transparency into source code and the benefit of peer reviews. 

Anchore customers include large enterprises and government agencies that require secure and compliant cloud-native applications. To learn more about Anchore’s solutions, visit  

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